Sunday, January 07, 2007

anw,was supposed to meet sau at serangoon station at 1130am but apparently at 1130 when i dropped by her place,she was still sleeping kae! what a pig.idiot man then she kept me waiting and lucky my parents dropped me off at her place if not i'll be waiting like an idiot at serangoon mrt station lah.yeah k so i waited for her to be done and headed to town cos sau wanted to get her pumps and then we tried this tube :D it was lovely!think i'm probably gonna get it.okie after which,we headed to lydia's hse for her partyyy.haha it was pretty good :D and sau's parents gave me a lift home arnd 6 plus.

oh and my dad was being damn funny and lame just now! haha apparently he killed a lizard and threw it into the thrash can after putting it into an envelope and he said the lizard's being sent out to other countries.haha.

happy birthday siong! hope you enjoyed your day today :D

Love It(:
6:04 AM

Saturday, January 06, 2007

hello! i havent been blogging for about a month? thats longggg.alright cos nothing in particular happened so yeah.

anyway,friday celebrated siong's(lydia) birthday and she was rather touched?! haha oh wells.

today,had trng in the morning at 830 then homed bathed and out to meet phy at tp to get her uniform then trained down to town to meet t
he was damn funny okie! esp that stupid ls :D hahahs totally had so much all started at sasa haha,we were damn irritating behaving like kids! haha.shan't elaborate more on it.had lotsa fun today :D phy,julia,cherry and STUPID LS totally made my day! laughed big time huh ls!BLUES CLUES :DD oh and ls tripped over this metal thing on the ground twice.WHAT A LOSER.


the thing she tripped over

Love It(:
7:07 AM

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

caught HAPPY FEET yesterday :DD hahahs it was quite good actually.. hehs.didn't really enjoy the ending of the show cos apparently i needed to pee badly and i was sitting out of nowhere in the cinema!and it was rather inconvenient for me to get out so i kinda waited till the movie ended.hahas and there were many instances when amerie and i thought the movie had ended kae,cos the screen's all black and all.

btw,action city stuffs are quite cute actually.hahhas love the jack in a box and the water dispenser :DD visited motorola too to repair the navigation button that came out from amerie's phone.

oh! and not to forget,how we tried to smuggle our macs lunch into the cinema.
amerie:eh,how we got no bag!
me:hmmms,okie i know what,i'll go into charles and keith and lie that i bought a pair of heels earlier and the bag's spoilt and i need a new one
and after much hesitation,the lady finally gave me one lahh.damn annoying! hahs.

monday,had friendlies with SJI
wasnt that bad lah huh
and someone's so sly :DD
and song jian was damn funny on monday lah
us:song jian! why you keep walking arnd and all,why so shy!
songjian:cos got so many girls arnd
marcella:you see coach,got so many girls arnd him also what

Love It(:
10:29 PM

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

try this out :DD very accurate!

Love It(:
6:23 AM

happy birthday airen! i love you more than anyone else.i'll take the last flight out just for you and i'll be there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on.thanks for always being there for me too :) you're very much appreciated by me hope you enjoyed your day:DD <33

i realised i havent been blogging for almost a week or so? so yeah,celebrated eilis's birthday yesterday with badmintoners and then to it was kinda like a eilis bday celebration cum badminton bonding session but mostly for the Bdiv cos only sihui and small feli turned up yesterday but who cares we had a great bonding session:DD hahs okie so met at harbourfront stn at 9am supposedly,but apparently our dear mouseshit=marcella yong is late! I MEAN WHAT'S NEW! haha okie then we lied to her that we already left for sentosa and told her to head there herself cos she never seem to be able to do things on her own and okie she fell for it.hahs then we went to the wrong exit to hide having the intention of scaring her but yeahh,so we ended up running all arnd "looking for her " hahs okie and luckily,we managed to catch the same bus as her hahahs it was damn hilarious! we tanned,played and all and camwhored :DD then washed up.

headed to vivo for lunch and we gave luge a miss cos we were all starving.reached vivo at arnd 3 plus and waited for peiyun then had lunch at kopitiam cos we had a hard time trying to decide where to eat.after lunch,went to play upstairs at some water water place.and i swear ming is so annoying kae! she happily threw the ball onto the water surface and got me wet!idiot.and we all started doing that hahs it was fun though.then the rest decided to play catching but marcie yong and i decided not to,to prevent ourselves from getting we ACT COUPLE hahahas.walked arnd,admired the scenery all.hahahs then we came up with a brilliant plan! that was to go get eilis's bday cake and surprise her and it heavy rain came but it did not dampen our moods hahahs we sat out of nowhere under a shelter where everyone was walking and all to cut the cake and eat it,yummmm!

while waiting for the rain to stop,decided to go window shopping.then went to the playground to play it was DAMN FUN.hahs i totally made a fool of myself okie i shant elaborate and then dinner at swensens.

Love It(:
6:01 AM

Saturday, November 04, 2006

what hurts the most was being so close
and having so much so say
and watching you walk away

i do miss you :(

Love It(:
6:10 AM

Friday, November 03, 2006

came back from chalet on tuesday night.sighhs so disappointed with the chalet lahh.firstly,its like garden terrace and its like quite small and i stayed up all night alone on the first night okie! cos my dear eilis and lisa happily fell asleep while watching vcds leaving me alone and played mahjong till like 4 plus 5 then yumin decided to sleep so we all stopped :( okie hahhas nvm lahh huh she had school the next day.the small ones went cycling and only came back in the morning and then it was our turn eilis,lisa,elaine,irene,sihui ,yumin and i rode around pasir ris estate then back.ahahas quite fun.alot to blog about but to round it all,it wasn't as fun as last year but fret not,there's another badm chalet coming up :DD

havent been doing much recently actually.hahahs okie im rather happy cos finally they have not neglected me.seriously,just asking me out will make a difference,i try to be actively involved in your programmes but its like i feel left out and there seem to be so many secrets hidden within and as i'm afraid of rejections,i wouldn't take the initiative so thank you so much kae :DD seriously.

had trng today and ball didnt come so i was separated from the sec 3s as i didnt have a partner when they played with some uncles at the sports hall and they even did multiples :( haiyahh whatever kae.

sometimes i have to act as if i dont mind
but i guess it's okie

you dont know how much i miss you seriously
dreamt of you recently and how i wish it'll really happen in real life
but i guess i can continue dreaming
ohh wells.

Love It(:
5:59 AM

Saturday, October 28, 2006

today was another boring day.had trng and after that lunched with some teammates,some bonding session huh!then eilis and i walked to compass from rm,we wanted to ball but apparently we had no ball so we slacked at skcc till 4 plus then homed.

i thank you alot for asking me out and i'm finally able to actively take part in your activities,i usually tend to not go with yall is because there seem to be alot of secrets within yall which i find very uneasy with,and as you know,i'm afraid of rejections so usually i wont make the first move to ask and all and that,i hope you all will understand.i promise i will try to make it for our outings if i can :DD

okie thats abt it.

i guess its the end of our story

Love It(:
7:54 AM

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